The Three Hour Tour

Some Random Photos!


Our first glimpse out of the plane.

Rise and shine, beautiful!

Enjoying a Little House moment.

Teh Tired starts to catch up w/ the kids...

Fortunately you can't keep them down long...

I don't think that Sled Dog is gonna be pulling any sleds anytime soon...but it sure was cute!

There was salmon everything available at the Weekend Market. Salmon Quesadillas? Hrm...

Looking for salmon...

...and looking...

...and still looking...

After saving bits of their lunch to "distract the salmon" the girls were determined to catch one. "It's the freshest salmon you'll ever eat" they said (quoting Bear Gryls).

Finally we saw two (click to embiggen and you might see them as well!). The girls said they saw "millions", so I am guessing their eyesight is far superior to my own. LOL.

We took a trolley ride through Anchorage.

The trolley took us to the Anchorage Visitors' Center.

The Kid kept hitting her head on the sign while trying to have her picture taken under it. I think she really is my child. ;)

Inside they had money from all over the world. They didn't have any SK Won that wasn't a coin, so we donated. If you go there and see the Cheon Won hanging there, you will know where it is from!

I took this picture at about 0230. This is the darkest it ever was, and the same came up again promptly at 0430 just as we were ready to board our plane. The lack of darkness did nothing to help our jet lag, which was already bad because we left Okinawa on Sunday afternoon, landed in Alaska bright and early Sunday morning, and had to get back on the plane only 20-some hours later. It was beautiful, though.

That's all for now!