Comment Policy-- A Note From the Moderatrix

This is a SAFE SPACE. You are a GUEST at my blog, and are expected to act accordingly. I encourage comments. In fact, I thrive from the warm loving glow emanating from the comments. There are, however, rules.

Be mindful when posting here that the Moderatrix is a feminist minded progressive woman. Hate speech of any kind is not welcome.

Anyone who is not respectful of myself, my family, my friends, my guests, fellow bloggers or anything/one else that I feel is being insulted will be deleted, mocked, edited, or have their comments become fodder for a post, here or elsewhere.

There is no constitutional right to free speech here. Either abide by my rules or feel the Moderatrix's wrath, which is mighty and swift. You are free to go out and get your own corner of the Intertubes and spread hate and bile there. It doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, just an asshole. You won't be lonely, because you will be in good company.

Anonymous commenters will be deleted immediately. It causes confusion and is not in keeping w/ the good order of the Blog.

Bottom line is, my blog, my call. There are no second chances and you will not pass go. Do not tap dance on the line.

You have been warned.

A good rule to follow is to adhere to the "Bill and Ted Mantra". Be Excellent to Each Other. Om.

Otherwise, enjoy your visit, and we hope to see you around again.

Malama Pono


Educant said...

I totally need to start a masculinist blog wherein those with a voting stick may talk about the need for Constitutional reform allowing women the freedom of the kitchen.


Ouyang Dan said...

lol your dumb