A Science Lesson

Red Ear Sliders should not live together.

Bad turtle!

Poor battered bleeding turtle.

I will have you all know that someone is in a serious time out.

Some Random Photos

The Wedding Edition!

To stymie the persistent nagging of some of my closest and most loved peeps out there in Readerland, I bring you the carefully selected photojournal of our wedding.

A little side note, two days before the wedding I got a corneal ulcer in my right eye (again), making it impossible for me to go w/o sunglasses, even inside, for a few days.  W/ the fake nails (if you are thinking about it, don't.) and the sunglasses I felt like a love child between Lady Deathstrike and Cyclops.  My eye is almost better, but I have to have a full exam next week to see if the vision change is permanent.  And, I have a nice visible scar.

Photo credit to B, VBFitU's Gi(H)L, since I was otherwise occupied.  He did a great job!  As soon as David gets more of them off of his camera I will update!

W/o more fuss and further ado:

Sorting out the roles for everyone (Luckily, I won the straw draw against Zoltan for being the bride.  He had to settle for officant.)

The Kid sporting her ring bearing duties w/ the chord we made her, and the lei so she could say she was the flower girl.

VBFitU and I during the opening of the ceremony.

David looking on as the Guy is smiling like heck.  I am glad to see he is smiling like heck.

Correct me if I am wrong, but are those tears under those shades?

Lei exchange...

...and a kiss of greeting.

Auderelli performs the invocation.

The handfasting.

The rings were a little tricky w/ our hands tied together.

The Kid did a good job keeping the rings safe.

The big moment.  Aww.

Our happy little family.  And for the Kid, as promised, this is my favorite picture.  Well, of all of us.

The Kid showing off her excitement.

A sunset at Sunset Beach, majesty included.

The Kid, never missing a chance to get wet...even in a pretty pretty dress.

The Guy and David, in the I knew it was coming "Wonder Twins powers unite" moment.

Having a moment...and another "half of Z" picture for my collection.

But every now and then I get a good one where he is all in the picture.  This one is for Zmumszy.

Another moment.  I really feel that life is going to be full of "moments" for quite some time.  *gush*

One more for the "half of Z" collection.  I just don't know how he does it.

The Guy and the Kid having a father daughter chat on the beach (OK, Kid, this is my favorite wedding picture.  My very favorite.).

Some of the best looking feet on the beach!

The mandatory Wedding Ring shot.

All photos shamelessly stolen from Auderelli's photo sharing site.  I am very grateful to B for being there to take all the pictures.

For those of you wondering, it was perfect.  It was exactly what I have always wanted.

I will post more later, and VBFitU is more than welcome to edit and add her $.02 at any time.  There are some reception pics, and some of VBFitU's vacation pics that I am sure are going to go up soon.  In fact, I think I am going to have to add one to one of her earlier posts.

Thanks for all the well wishing!

And Audee, I think I will still take that tiara and ballet flats...but I think I need wings too.

And a magic wand...


Why the Kid Rocks...


Well there are many reasons, but since progress reports just came out I wanted to share something that brought tears to my eyes (not hard to do these days, but this time it was in a good way). The Kid's kindergarten teacher had the following to say in her report about the Kid's character development:

I admire the way that [The Kid] takes pride in her family's practices and beliefs. Without judgment, she acknowledges that other families may not believe as she does, yet she still remains true and able to talk about her own beliefs in a mature and respectful way.

(emphasis mine)
Raising a socially conscious, let alone a Pagan child, is not an easy task, and I commend anyone who does so. I put a lot of emphasis on being respectful and tolerant of beliefs and values that are not like our own. The Kid shows what has always seemed to me a genuine desire to learn about what we believe and a love of it. I had always hoped that she would love it as I do and that given the choice she would choose it. I hope to have the mindset of my VBFitU's mother in that when VBFitU was curious about other religions (and tried to rebel a little) she was accommodating, helping her dress and learn accordingly to whatever belief system VBFitU was looking at (here's a headscarf, here are temple appropriate clothes, here is a Bible, I hope an NIV is OK w/ you...). I also always wonder if the things that I teach her about religion and values stick when she is away from me.

Now I guess I know.

It is also worth mentioning that I am impressed that the school, the teacher, and the students also seem to embrace the Kid and her beliefs. I am definitely proud of her and even more happy w/ the school we chose.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Solstice.


Wednesday Whedon Moment

The "Can't Hardly Wait For This" Edition.

Hey!  Don't fuck this one up, Fox!

Some Random Photos

Welcome to another addition of 

Some Random Photos!

The "I was getting married and running amok w/ VBFitU" Edition.

The Kid demonstrates her mastery of the left handed chopstick grip.

Blowing bubbles in chocolate milk w/ a friend on a playdate last Wednesday.

Would you like some tea?

The lawn sprinklers are the cheapest toy ever!

The Guy crashes the tea party.

We went w/ VBFitU and the Gi(H)L to the USS Arizona Memorial.  More on that later.

I stole a quick shot of a cute moment of them in Waikiki.  I love the moments where you are oblivious to everything but each other.

Z is angry because his fork structure didn't stand!

BTW, the Guy and I got married.

Not only is VBFitU secretly dating me, but I have come to realize that I just married her. 

At least they get along.  ;)

My Guys and the Kid at the Dixie Grill for Crab Fest and Z's birthday dinner.  YUM!

Ashley, I am returning my guests to you now.  We had fun.


Shameless Self Promotion--The Outlet

Hey Readerland!

I have a piece up at The Outlet (a blog run by the fabulous Michigan based publisher Liquid Words Productions called "Talking to Kids About Sex".

I am pretty damned proud of this one, so please give me some love!

That's Us Out There!

Taken from the HiRISE currently orbiting Mars:

Picture description: a shot of the darkness of space w/ a small crescent of the Earth, and of the Earth's Moon as taken from Mars.

How friggin cool is that?  (H/T to Jeff Fecke at Shakesville)

If that does not give you chills you are a robot.

And we all know that Stephen Colbert (MOB or "My Other Boyfriend") says about robots:

Monday Monty Python

FTR, I couldn't figure out what an "oop" was.

Not until I saw it.

Working at 0400 doesn't agree w/ me.


I've been meaning to write this post since B created this site & now I finally have the time to do it....

I have the best friends in the universe. I truly believe this. When my life fell apart they were there to pick me up off my bathroom floor, feed me, take me out for drinks, entertain me, distract me & for any other number of things that I needed to make it through each day. So, I just wanted to take a little time & publicly thank them - & to brag on them a little.

Craig, Ashley & John - you were my first line of defense. You were in the eye of the storm, the arms that I ran to first. You provided me with a sanctuary, ears to listen, arms to hold me & distraction when all else failed.
Craig - Thanks for being the best Wingman ever, making awesome brownies & knowing how to make me laugh when I thought the tears would never stop.
Ashley - Thanks for so readily agreeing to become the Roomie, making sure I always had tissues & blankets, your constant concern and for allowing me to intrude during the beginning stages of your love story.
John - Thanks for letting me break The Rule & for your consistently honest advice (even when I didn't want to hear it).
Bud & Jessica - Your love for each other gave (& still gives) me hope. You made me feel like a rock star & loved completely. Thanks for always making the time for me & listening to my hours & hours of rambling stream of consciousness. I alway feel at least 10 pounds lighter after talking to one or both of you.
Paul - Thank you for always speaking from the heart, even when it hurt me. Thank you for bringing a different POV to the table & for always challenging me. Whether I want it or not, I know I need it, so thank you for having the courage to be that person for me.
The GIML (guy in my life) - I could honestly write an essay here, but I won't. Thanks for always carrying around the super glue, being my backbone when I didn't have one, making sure I ate & helping me find my way back to myself when I thought it could never happen.
The VBFitU - Even from 6000 miles away, you were there every step of the way to guide me & hold my hand. Your capacity to love will never cease to amaze me. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

(This space reserved for a picture of us to be taken very soon!!!!)

The 8 of you were & are my core and acted as my heart when it was shattered into a million little pieces that I thought could never fit back together. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have given me back.

The Soundtrack of Life

Hello out there in Readerland! I know, I know... I'm a huge slacker. In my defense, life has been a bit hectic. The Roomie & I FINALLY found a place, so hurray for that! In addition to that, I've been getting ready for this fabulous vacation that I'm leaving for in less than 48 hours & work has been super crazy. But, there is this one thing that happened recently that I felt I simply must share with you all.

So, the Guy In My Life (GIML) is a HUGE music geek. Seriously, he has over 3 weeks worth of music on his iPod & it crosses every genre & era. He can always perfectly express himself with a song when words fail him. A few months ago when my life fell apart & he was just a good friend of 6 years or so, he made me a CD full of pop-y happy stuff to keep me amused on my drive to & from work. The other night I was teasing him that it was time for him to make me a new "mix tape" & that the theme should be our relationship up to this point, from his perspective. Less than 2 days later, he had it done. As I listened to it, he explained why each song was on there & when it was done, I had tears in my eyes. So dear readers, I wanted to share the playlist with you b/c it's too sweet to keep to myself. And if you want to know, I'd be happy to share the story/ events that go with each song.

1. Huey Lewis & the News: Walking on a Thin Line
2. Sloan: The Other Man
3. Carole King: You've Got a Friend
4. Eddie Money: Take Me Home Tonight
5. Alanis Morissette: Head Over Feet
6. Billy Joel: An Innocent Man
7. The Rubinoos: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
8. ABBA: Take a Chance On Me
9. Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love
10. Phil Collins: You Can't Hurry Love
11. Elton John: Don't Go Breaking My Heart
12. Toby Keith: I Wanna Talk About Me
13. Depeche Mode: Strangelove
14. Incubus: Clean
15. Triumph: Fight the Good Fight
16. The Outfield: Your Love
17. Bryan Adams: Please Forgive Me
18. Sarah McLachlan: Ice Cream
19. Rod Stewart: Rhythm of My Heart
20. Stevie Wonder: You Are the Sunshine of My Life
21. Russell Watson: Where My Heart Will Take Me

And to the GIML, I just wanted to say thanks. It's beautiful, honest & perfect.

At my birthday this year


Last Day of Kindergarten

I didn't realize how sad I would be to see the last day of kindergarten unfold.  After I got out of work the Guy and I took the Kid's gifts for her class out to the school (around 11:00), and were just about in time for most of the acknowledgements and fun.

Last week the kids brought home a project to make a page about themselves for a scrapbook for Desi, which was extra special b/c they were her very first class ever.  Too bad we don't know anyone who scrapbooks around her, huh?

Each Kid made a front page about their special memories from the school year.

And then they made the other side all about themselves. 

 I let the Kid do the front part all by herself, and she chose all the materials for the back, and I helped her put it together.  Of course she chose to have everything pink (FTR, I do not believe in evo psych that says that girls will always choose pink and boys will always choose blue.  Rather, it is pretty much that they are conditioned to those choices from the moment the doctor says "it's a ____!".  I believe pink happens to be one of her favorite colors b/c she genuinely likes it, not b/c some craptastic biological factor says she must.  Wev.).  It was a lot of fun.  The best part was seeing Desi enjoy it so much!

Reading her new book to the whole class.

Desi also let all of the kids choose a book from her library in the class to keep for themselves as a reward for learning to read this year.  The Kid chose the The Tiny Seed.

After all the festivities the Kid gave Desi the lei she picked out for her, and got herself a great big hug (and I got a great picture!).

A great end to a great year!

We let her run around and play w/ a few friends for a little while after, since she will  not be going to the summer school this year like most of the other kids.  She leaves for the Mainland right after the wedding so we have arranged a few play dates b/t now and then.

Time for a final drink of water.

And one last hug and photo!  The kids made that apron for Desi, w/ each of their handprints a flower for her garden.

I was a little more than choked up to see this first year end.  It has been a great journey so far, and we are really excited to go back to Ho'ala next school year.  It was amazing to find such a great school to call home.  Jada has come so far and overcome so many obstacles.  She triumphed over a self esteem issue when someone close to her told her she should have known how to read already to being able to read to her whole class, and she received an award as a "Math Wiz", thanks to the endless time she spends doing math problems w/ Chi for fun.  She has grown a love of Science that I can't get over.

While she is away this summer we are keeping the kindergarten class turtles, since Desi isn't allowed to have them in her apartment.  Since we already have Kabuki, we decided it won't be too much effort to feed two more (Rocko and the Nameless Other Turtle).

That is all for now.  If you haven't been checking here in a while be sure to hit up the archives for more photos and videos.

Malama Pono!