Why the Kid Rocks...


Well there are many reasons, but since progress reports just came out I wanted to share something that brought tears to my eyes (not hard to do these days, but this time it was in a good way). The Kid's kindergarten teacher had the following to say in her report about the Kid's character development:

I admire the way that [The Kid] takes pride in her family's practices and beliefs. Without judgment, she acknowledges that other families may not believe as she does, yet she still remains true and able to talk about her own beliefs in a mature and respectful way.

(emphasis mine)
Raising a socially conscious, let alone a Pagan child, is not an easy task, and I commend anyone who does so. I put a lot of emphasis on being respectful and tolerant of beliefs and values that are not like our own. The Kid shows what has always seemed to me a genuine desire to learn about what we believe and a love of it. I had always hoped that she would love it as I do and that given the choice she would choose it. I hope to have the mindset of my VBFitU's mother in that when VBFitU was curious about other religions (and tried to rebel a little) she was accommodating, helping her dress and learn accordingly to whatever belief system VBFitU was looking at (here's a headscarf, here are temple appropriate clothes, here is a Bible, I hope an NIV is OK w/ you...). I also always wonder if the things that I teach her about religion and values stick when she is away from me.

Now I guess I know.

It is also worth mentioning that I am impressed that the school, the teacher, and the students also seem to embrace the Kid and her beliefs. I am definitely proud of her and even more happy w/ the school we chose.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Solstice.

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