I've been meaning to write this post since B created this site & now I finally have the time to do it....

I have the best friends in the universe. I truly believe this. When my life fell apart they were there to pick me up off my bathroom floor, feed me, take me out for drinks, entertain me, distract me & for any other number of things that I needed to make it through each day. So, I just wanted to take a little time & publicly thank them - & to brag on them a little.

Craig, Ashley & John - you were my first line of defense. You were in the eye of the storm, the arms that I ran to first. You provided me with a sanctuary, ears to listen, arms to hold me & distraction when all else failed.
Craig - Thanks for being the best Wingman ever, making awesome brownies & knowing how to make me laugh when I thought the tears would never stop.
Ashley - Thanks for so readily agreeing to become the Roomie, making sure I always had tissues & blankets, your constant concern and for allowing me to intrude during the beginning stages of your love story.
John - Thanks for letting me break The Rule & for your consistently honest advice (even when I didn't want to hear it).
Bud & Jessica - Your love for each other gave (& still gives) me hope. You made me feel like a rock star & loved completely. Thanks for always making the time for me & listening to my hours & hours of rambling stream of consciousness. I alway feel at least 10 pounds lighter after talking to one or both of you.
Paul - Thank you for always speaking from the heart, even when it hurt me. Thank you for bringing a different POV to the table & for always challenging me. Whether I want it or not, I know I need it, so thank you for having the courage to be that person for me.
The GIML (guy in my life) - I could honestly write an essay here, but I won't. Thanks for always carrying around the super glue, being my backbone when I didn't have one, making sure I ate & helping me find my way back to myself when I thought it could never happen.
The VBFitU - Even from 6000 miles away, you were there every step of the way to guide me & hold my hand. Your capacity to love will never cease to amaze me. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

(This space reserved for a picture of us to be taken very soon!!!!)

The 8 of you were & are my core and acted as my heart when it was shattered into a million little pieces that I thought could never fit back together. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have given me back.


Ouyang Dan said...

since B created this site

Craig told me that i have to be 'randanna' b/c he gave Bryan the "B" officially and i will have to win it back from him.

i say:


which is roughly

"bring it"

Ouyang Dan said...

oh, and


cejarvis said...

Dear Audree,

You rock.

Surreptitiously yours,

Dear ranadana,

It's being broughten by special courier.

Matriarchically yours,

Ouyang Dan said...

Matriarchically yours




Ouyang Dan said...

i demand you put up a pic of us now...

before i do. tee hee.