The Soundtrack of Life

Hello out there in Readerland! I know, I know... I'm a huge slacker. In my defense, life has been a bit hectic. The Roomie & I FINALLY found a place, so hurray for that! In addition to that, I've been getting ready for this fabulous vacation that I'm leaving for in less than 48 hours & work has been super crazy. But, there is this one thing that happened recently that I felt I simply must share with you all.

So, the Guy In My Life (GIML) is a HUGE music geek. Seriously, he has over 3 weeks worth of music on his iPod & it crosses every genre & era. He can always perfectly express himself with a song when words fail him. A few months ago when my life fell apart & he was just a good friend of 6 years or so, he made me a CD full of pop-y happy stuff to keep me amused on my drive to & from work. The other night I was teasing him that it was time for him to make me a new "mix tape" & that the theme should be our relationship up to this point, from his perspective. Less than 2 days later, he had it done. As I listened to it, he explained why each song was on there & when it was done, I had tears in my eyes. So dear readers, I wanted to share the playlist with you b/c it's too sweet to keep to myself. And if you want to know, I'd be happy to share the story/ events that go with each song.

1. Huey Lewis & the News: Walking on a Thin Line
2. Sloan: The Other Man
3. Carole King: You've Got a Friend
4. Eddie Money: Take Me Home Tonight
5. Alanis Morissette: Head Over Feet
6. Billy Joel: An Innocent Man
7. The Rubinoos: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
8. ABBA: Take a Chance On Me
9. Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love
10. Phil Collins: You Can't Hurry Love
11. Elton John: Don't Go Breaking My Heart
12. Toby Keith: I Wanna Talk About Me
13. Depeche Mode: Strangelove
14. Incubus: Clean
15. Triumph: Fight the Good Fight
16. The Outfield: Your Love
17. Bryan Adams: Please Forgive Me
18. Sarah McLachlan: Ice Cream
19. Rod Stewart: Rhythm of My Heart
20. Stevie Wonder: You Are the Sunshine of My Life
21. Russell Watson: Where My Heart Will Take Me

And to the GIML, I just wanted to say thanks. It's beautiful, honest & perfect.

At my birthday this year

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Ouyang Dan said...

are you dating me?


i mean, i am a little creeped out.

if i hadn't lost so many CDs in the schisms that have taken over my life that could be me.

tell B i want my music taste back.