Greetings & Salutations

It has been my great privilege to know Brandann for almost 9 years now. We met in college when I was a freshman & she was a sophomore. To say that we didn't really get along at first would be a bit of an understatement. We recognized too much of ourselves in each other, and that can be a bit much to handle.

Over the next few years we cautiously formed a friendship, but what really sealed the deal was when she was pregnant with Jada. I feel completely blessed to have been able to share that with her & I wouldn't change a second of it for anything in the world. I am proud to be able to call her my Very Best Friend in the Universe (VBFITU) & my life is better with her in it.

I couldn't think of a better title for this new blog than the one that she has come up with. Life has been....interesting for me the last few months. I married my "college sweetheart" at 23 & now, at 27, I'm getting divorced. It's been one of the most painful & challenging things that I've had to go through in my life, but I am coming out of it a better, stronger woman & I can't wait to see what life holds for me in the future.

So, here's to new beginnings, life's adventures & what may come tomorrow! I hope all of you in Readerland enjoy the ride.....

My newest hair color...never question the magic of the person you trust with your hair!

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