Stupid Smart People

In the Navy I had the honor of working w/ many wonderful people, and I met a lot of people who were extremely intelligent (it was a requirement in my field), but they lacked a certain, how you say, common sense to them.  Most of them recognized this easily.

My brother is one of these.  He was bored in High School, so he didn't graduate.  He has blown through ASVABs and other standardized tests w/ beautiful scores.  He is intelligent.  He is finally finishing his GED, and doing some other things for which I am extremely proud of him.  (I try to not look down on people for their education levels.)

But he often does things that make me pretend we are not related.

Pouring gasoline on something to make a fire and lighting it w/ a tiny Bic lighter is one of those.

He didn't realize that the black spots that developed on his arms were in fact third degree burns, until my mother described them to me.

She made him go to the hospital at my insistence.

He has to visit the burn clinic tomorrow.

Hey!  Craig!  I don't want to see you on the next list for Darwin Awards.

Oy w/ the poodles already.

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