Tae Kwon Do

The Kid has been participating in Tae Kwon Do for some time now.  I am not certain that she realized how physically demanding it was when she first wanted to join.  She came home exhausted, ready to shower and go to bed immediately, not wanting to stay awake for even dinner.  We helped her tough it out through dinner those first nights, and as time has gone on she has gotten used to it.  She has gone back to every class as excited as the first time.

She is getting her basic forms down, little at a time, and she is visibly improving.  We are pretty sure that she is enjoying this more than she did Hula or Ballet, which she was ready to quit after a month.  She even asked that I try to find a place where she could still train over the summer in Missouri so that she won't be behind when she comes back in August.

In other news, our household goods have arrived in Country!  A full three weeks ahead of schedule!  Yay!  They will be delivering them this coming week!  Just in time to give us added chaos to The Kid and I trying to leave for The States in the next couple of weeks.  Wheeeee!

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