The Three Hour Tour

I finally returned home last night from taking The Kid to the States for the Summer. It is now and will forever be referred to as my Three Hour Tour. No where in the planning process did I ever expect to be gone for almost three weeks! While I am recovering I thought I would do some Travel Blogging about the trip, because at the end of the day there were a lot of fun parts.

We set off on a Tuesday (I am mostly sure...LOL) from Osan. We missed the first flight out, so we had some time to kill before the next one left. I learned an awful lot about Space Available travel for Military members and dependents, which I am compiling both for future reference and also for a travel magazine that I sometimes contribute to.

We had lots of time to just goof around:
I mean, are you ever too busy to goof around with bug shield sunglasses? I think NOT!

It was actually a good thing because we had forgotten a few things like toothbrushes (but who needs those?) and lotion (which I can not live without).

We also had time for a nice sit down meal and viewing (and goofing around with) cars for sale on the BX lot.

I don't quite think so, missy. LOL.

Oh, that cat...

We had Kid's bags all packed, including a bear he bought her when she was sick earlier this year, and by the door and when we got back from picking up our travel documents from The Guy's command The Guy ran up to get all of our stuff. Somehow the bear never made it out the door and she was crushed because she wanted something to hug when she missed him. He ended up surprising her with this cat at the BX, whom she named Starshine (after Haley). We now have a bit of a joke that it is in fact an angry kitteh, because...well it seems to have a constant scowl on it's fluffy face.

The Guy dropped us off to wait for our flight to Kadena AFB on Okinawa. One thing that amazes me when traveling is the seemingly magical camaraderie among children in airports and hotels. They seem to find a way to quickly become the best of friends during even the shortest stints. Kid played with these kids in the passenger terminal and on the plane to Kadena, then said good bye cheerfully as we met a boy and his mother trying to get to the same place we were going.

We were able to travel about with them for the few days that we were in Okinawa.

I will probably stretch this out over a few days, to kind of give you the torturous feeling of how long we were in limbo. LOL.

If anyone of my military friends are considering traveling by Space A please contact me first. I have a ton of info that will make your trip a lot easier!

That's all for now!

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