The Three Hour Tour -- The Sequel

The return trip to The States to pick up The Kid at Summer's end was ridiculously more enjoyable than my solo trip back to Korea. Having The Guy along as a traveling companion increased the fun factor by about a nonillion times.

It was pretty much the same song, different verse. We headed to Osan, AFB to catch a plane off the Peninsula. There happened to be a flight going to Kadena, a tiny little C-12, and we were lucky enough to be traveling lightly enough to make the roll call. C-12's are a turbo prop plane, and therefore subject to very strict weight regulations. You can not even be one pound over the limit set. Luckily we traveled lightly to make room for souvenirs for the fam (and for us too!)

The best part was having a window so we could take it the sights of flying so low. I got some great shots on the way. I seem to have a particular fondness for the way the clouds look over the Ocean. There were times I thought some of the clouds looked a little like the Castle in the Sky.

It took us about three days to get out of Okinawa. In the mean time we had occasion to visit American Village again. We found an awesome pay by the gram frozen yogurt place, where you pick what flavor(s) you want out of a dozen or more, and then pile on all the toppings you want.

We strolled around looking for some souvenirs afterward. We weren't exactly sure, but we had a feeling that the Joshua store was having a sale...

I found something I wanted to take home...

...but sadly it wasn't for sale.

We took a sunset ride on the ginormous Ferris wheel:

and enjoyed the lights of the strip afterword.

The Guy took me to an awesome Teppanyaki Steakhouse, which if you haven't been to one I highly recommend it. It's a lot like a Hibachi steakhouse. Only better.

The chef worked too fast for even my sports setting to catch. He juggled seasoning shakers and chopped stuff up so fast that it was like dinner and a show all in one. The steak was also almost to die for...I've never had kobe beef before...it definitely lived up to the hype.

We made it out of Okinawa the next day, and caught a flight to, can you believe it, Guam!

(Apparently Blogger has a limit on post length...so to be continued...)

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