The 63rd Building

We took Kid and a friend, S from school, to the 63rd Building over the long weekend. It was the tallest building in Asia when it was first built. It has a decent Sea World Aquarium inside, and a really cool observatory from the top, with one of those elevators that makes your ears pop. It was a lot of fun, and I think the girls had a blast. Plus, a monk smiled at me while we were eating gelato, so it was a good day.

Kid is getting to be an Ol' Pro at the Seoul Subway. She even has her own T-Card now, and likes to stop at the 7-11 at the stations to get her favorite drink for the ride.

The 63rd Building on Yeouido. Very shiny.

The girls in the only place where their giddiness can be contained. A giant bubble under water.

A view from the top of the building. If you squint really hard you can see our ville. Just kidding!

More of Seoul.

I thought this was really fun...someone enlarged a print of a Monet and replicated the bridge so that kids could have their picture taken on it.

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