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Worm Infested Dirt Cups!


The recipe that saved me time is apparently a Weight Watchers' recipe, but since diets are crap, and they don't work (even "lifestyles" like WW) I changed it a little (another mum gave me the idea originally, but I couldn't remember the proportions).

You will need:

A boxed cake mix (any variety. If you get a vegan mix, which many of them are now, this is a great vegan alternative recipe)

A can of soda (or about 10 ounces/295 ml)

That's it! Don't add any of that crap that the box calls for. Just mix the soda and the mix in a bowl. Divide it into cupcake cups, and bake according to the box. I used Sprite, for anyone who is interested, with both a Pillsbury white cake and a Pillsbury triple chocolate cake.

For the toppings:

One box instant pudding
Cookies, crushed into good chunks.
Gummy worms. If you plan ahead there are websites where you can order realistic looking gummy worms, but I didn't really feel the need since this wasn't an actual Halloween party.

For the chocolate I used chocolate pudding and hydrox style sandwich cookies, like Oreos, and for the white I used vanilla pudding and 'Nilla wafers. I have heard that chocolate chip cookies work well too, but I wanted a non-chocolate option available.

Prepare pudding according to directions and chill. Mix crushed cookies and pudding in a bowl to get a clumpy mud like texture. Top each cooled cupcake w/ a scoop of "mud" and nestle a worm into the mess.

They were totally easy, a lot of fun, and a little gross (not at all! NOM!). They are on the way to school right now to be enjoyed.

ETA: I just got a call telling me that they look so delicious that they can not wait to dig in! SUCCESS!

Hope you get a chance to try them out!

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whatsername said...

Love! Chocolate cupcakes and pudding and worms? FTW.