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Carb Fest '09!*

This has been our first Thanksgiving on our own, and since our living arrangements have put us in a much smaller space, it has also been our smallest endeavor to date. We didn't want to do a big production this year as we have the last couple, because with The Guy's work schedule I just don't have the energy to do it all alone. We had just us and our friend, Mazetov Cocktail, from our annual Jewstravaganza, and it turned out to be just the right size.

We have a ton to be thankful for. We have a wonderful family, and a great home. We have been incredibly blessed with the opportunity to live in a foreign country where we get to observe and experience a different culture. We have amazing friends, in both Meat World and Bloglandia who have held us up through so much. Basically we are surrounded by love and awesomeness every day, and that is incredible. I pause a moment to the Goddess and thank her for all we are blessed with as we prepare our meal every year, and it was extra special because I was able to share that with The Kid this year, since she was a big help in the preparing process.

Dinner this year was so much more simple than in the past. There was no need to do three turkeys and I don't think we will be eating leftovers for every meal for days to come. Oh, and it was also the perfect size for Mario Party. W00t!

I did start with some of Grammy's Pumpkin Cookies, something that has been part of my holiday experience since I can remember, but they didn't last the day between the Kid's school and home and friends popping in. I can't keep them in the house!

I discovered that our refrigerator is too cold for thawing, and even when I thought that I could thaw the turkey the way you are supposed to, I wound up right back where we always are, with the turkey taking a bath during the day, but this time in our spa bathtub, and I thought the jets would help things along:
I admit to being a bit jealous that the turkey got to relax in the spa...

Fortunately this year we knew we didn't need a lot, so we only bought two turkey breasts, so they thawed quickly.

Have I mentioned how great household child labor is? I am a malevolent Matriarch!

Peel those potatoes! Go! Gotta teach her the ways of the Patriarchy early! *snerk*
Wash those dishes! I can has clean measuring cups so can makes teh Thanksgivings!

Kid made the green bean casserole all by herself this year, something she was very excited about. It is a great first recipe to let them try ... it's right there on the can and so hard to mess up!

But that is not how you start! LOL!

She did the whole thing from beginning to end and it was perfect. She was very proud, and made sure to fish a compliment on it out of everyone who ate it. Heh. Guess she's modest too!

Kid also helped with the peanut butter pies (yes, Anna! Peanut butter pie! They are not dangerous!).

I swear I do not know how that happened. ;)

I love it when all three of us get into the kitchen together. It really makes things so much more fun.

The turkey breasts were the best idea, and we still had plenty of pan drippings for gravy!
Everything turned out wonderful. And yes, as a matter of fact that is the cranberry jelly, which I crave, and will shamelessly eat from the can! YUM!

I hope everyone in the States has a pleasant Thanksgiving.

*name from the fabulous Red Queen.

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