It was time...

for over a foot of my hair to go.  There is so much going on for me right now, I had to simplify some things.  The long hair was just getting to be so much.  I have had this haircut about half a dozen times in about ten years, so it isn't as big a change as I initially thought it would be.

It feels really good.  Really really good.

I am so going to miss my hairdresser when we go to Korea.  Seriously.  She is the best, and often has to stop cutting b/c we are laughing so hard.  We have some of the best parenting talks evah!

My esthetician threatened to slap my hands today if I don't throw away my tweezers and see her regularly.  Apparently I will have no brows left if I keep going at the rate I am.  Oops!  The hell if trich!

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