Give your dad an extra hug for me...

The Kid will be making her calls later when the hour is more appropriate and the date matches.  We have a covert plan between us to surprise The Guy as well.

And I miss my dad.

Not a year goes by that I don't choke up a little because some part of me forgets and I get this urge to call him and tell him all about everything and wish him Happy Father's Day.  It's been a hard day for me to get on board with for years now.  I am actually choking up a bit right now as I am typing this.  Father's Day always falls right before the anniversary of his passing, so it's like a double sting.

I don't even have a picture to put up here of us together.  I have only two pictures total, and in one I was only four months old.

Be sure to give yours a call if you can.  A hug would be better if you are able.  Take pictures and share them.

And, Happy Father's Day, Daddy.  I miss you so much.

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