Yellow Belt!

The Kid took the test to earn her yellow belt today.  She has worked incredibly hard these past weeks and was over the moon that she was able to test before we leave for the States.  We have made arrangements for her to continue to study while she is in Missouri this summer.  She will get the actual belt and a certificate on Friday, which will be her last session with Master Kim until she comes back in August.

My apologies for the "Shaky-Cam".  With this medical nonsense plaguing me this past month I have had the shakes something fierce at times, and today was one of those times.  Also, the boy that is testing along side of her is kind of a goober, and isn't as disciplined, so he flails about when he should be paying attention, and I wasn't able to get a clear shot of Kid without him in it.

She has done incredibly well, and Master Kim has complimented her on the sticking of her forms, how they are mostly very clean and snappy, noting that some of his black belts get lazy and that she has made them look bad.  He also said that she is way too nice when sparring, so she needs to get a little more aggressive and be willing to kick other people, and defend herself more (so she doesn't take a crotch shot like she did here).

Regardless of all of that, we are pretty proud of her work, and wanted to share so that you could all be proud of her too!  Enjoy!

I tried to load this using blogger...but after hours of trying to upload it the video never loaded.  Wev.  You get YouTube.  

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