I have the best family!

I have been extremely ill lately, and it has been trying with all of the things we have going on right now.  It has put off our trip to the States by about a week, and has severely hampered my ability to get more unpacking done, let alone keep up with the day to day of cleaning our place from just living in it.  Occasionally I am hit with a day of feeling decent, and we are trying to use that time to get out and enjoy Korea and friends before The Kid goes to the States for the remainder of the summer.

I do, however have the best family, because when The Guy is home he and The Kid have happily picked up the slack of having me all but incapacitated, and did a bunch of much needed cleaning.  I am so lucky and truly blessed to have a husband who not only doesn't mind, but sees it as just as much his job to help out around the house.  This includes getting things done when I can't.

While I have been able to find energy and have had bits of time where I can putter around putting things away they have kept up with long overdue chores.  Kid happily jumped in to help him scrub the bathroom floors and toilets, and did the sinks all by herself (which we leave for her regular weekly chores, because she is really bad at rinsing her toothpaste out of them daily).  I don't think I have ever mentioned how much I love our Korean bathrooms, because the door way is raised about four to six inches and the shower wall is elevated, which allows the water to run all over the floor.  It makes cleaning easy, because all we have to do is use the shower head to spray it down, and we don't have to worry about water spilling onto the wood floors of the rest of the house.  You just have to scrub and work the water back to the drain.  Who knew Kid would love scrubbing floors so much (or being sprayed with the shower while she was doing it)!

Thanks, you two!  Things are starting to fall into place here, and now that we have our stuff it is starting to look like not only a home, but our home.

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