Family Game Nights

Sunday night we sat down to play our new zombie game that The Guy made up.  It was great fun!  Even better, The Kid wanted to play.  She has had her own dice set for quite some time, and I guess it was as good a time as any to let her break them in!

These pictures are for Auderelli, whom I am sure will *squee* to see her goddaughter enjoying a nice night of gaming!

"I wanna get my axe and fight zombies!"

Oh!  I'm sorry.  You fall getting out of the car and twist your ankle.  Please roll 1d6 to find out how long until you can walk unassisted again!

She had a lot of fun in her first gaming experience, and has been begging all week to play again.  The Guy is a really fun GM and did well adding elements for her to enjoy.  The imaginative aspect of the game is really perfect for kids this age.  Who better than a kid to not be held back by what you know of reality and be able to let go and get into the game?

Monday night after The Kid went to bed we got out a board game that The Guy and I picked up in Colorado (or San Fran, I forget, but same trip) when we went to David and Sarah's wedding.  This game is ridiculous fun, and is now currently second to Taboo as my favorite game evah!  FTR, I do not yet own nor have I yet played the Buffy game, which Brave Sir Robin says is the most fun game, evah! (Winter Holiday gift, anyone? *wink wink nudge nudge*)  I LOVE board games.  So, if you haven't yet played it, I highly recommend The Dread Pirate game!  Yarrggh!

It was so fun!  You sail your ship around on the board, raiding the ports, and when you land next to someone, you challenge them!  After you steal treasure from all the other players you can sail to Dread Isle to become the Dread Pirate and roll for more booty!  The Dread Pirate moves rolling three dice instead of two, and gets a +1 to all skirmish rolls.  If you defeat the Dread Pirate you become the new Dread Pirate until someone beats you.  Once all the treasure is gone, game over!  I found out quickly that while the guys were sailing around trying to become the Dread Pirate I was able to raid all the ports freely, and when the treasure was gone and counted, I won w/o ever being the Dread Pirate.  They have named me the Sea Wench, and I have deemed myself Pirate Queen!  Adding to our glee, we all talked like pirates during the game.  We have promised to play again while The Kid is awake so she can play next time.

PS, David wants to know...

why is the rum always gone?


Grandma said...

Tell David that I technically named you Brandy, but it just as well could have been Rum. Maybe that will explain why the Rum is always gone.

Ouyang Dan said...

STOP calling me that!