Picture Day!

Picture day was last Wednesday.  The Kid usually asks me to roll her hair for special things like picture day and Birthdays, so after the PTSO meeting on Tuesday I raced home to do so.  She really has more hair that she appears to.


She gets a big kick out of having curlers in her hair.  She always wants her picture taken w/ her hair rolled.  Weirdo.  ;)


I have also been begging her to part w/ those pajama pants, but I don't think they are going any where anytime soon, not so long as she can get them on.

Since she loves having her picture taken w/ her hair rolled, and b/c I am such a silly mommy, I took one more picture of her.


Even w/ as good as this picture turned out, you still can't see her drooling.  I showed her the picture after I woke her up...and she thought it was so hilarious.  We really are special together!

So we should have the pics back b/f long.

You didn't think I was going to post her actual school picture, did you?  :P


Sarah said...

i love the sleeping picture. it's sooo precious. :)

Ouyang Dan said...

I thought so too!