She's a First Grader Now!

The first day of school went off w/o incident.  The Kid is now handy w/ her new alarm clock, and she can get herself up, make her bed and pour her cereal all on her own.  Which was a good thing b/c my alarm didn't go off *grumbles* but we woke up just a little after she did.  If Audee is reading along here she will remember the same thing happened to me last year!  HA!

We got around and out the door and to school by 0730.  It did not take her long to run into an old friend and make a new one.


It took about five additional seconds for us to realize that she has all of my grace and dignity WRT a body in motion.


Somehow she managed to get her backpack all tangled in the balloons.  The Head of School finally untangled her and set her free.  You will also take note of her red shoes I mentioned before, which were given to her by a friend on the last day of school last year.  She was so excited to have new Crocs given to her (the real Crocs never wear out, it seems) but I couldn't let her take them w/ her for the summer b/c they were far too big when she left.  That is so not the case now!  

This year was so much easier than last.  Also, the sixth grade has moved to the other campus (finally!), and it makes the elementary school seem so small!  


Yup, that's all of them!  No wonder we feel so at home.  It's like an extended family gathering at my Grandparent's.  

She found her desk and it is next to a friend that she enjoys playing w/ who was new last year.  I think that will make her happy.  It was so nice to see all of the faces (the ones we haven't already seen!) that we missed over the summer!

There will probably be updates later.  Yay!

ETA:  When we picked her up today she excitedly reported, "I love First Grade!".  She brought home her "survival kit" from her teacher: A puzzle piece to remind them they must work together, star stickers to remind them that they are stars, a glue stick to help them stick to the people who love and support them, an eraser b/c they will make mistakes, a pencil and pad of paper so they can take notes along the way, a bookmark b/c star students read, a Hershey's hug and kiss to remind them how much they are loved, trail mix to keep their strength on the learning trail, and something else I am sure I am forgetting.  I love that idea.  Especially the eraser.  We need so much to let our kids know that it is OK for them to make mistakes and that we will be there to support them.  In fact, mistakes are encouraged, b/c it is one way in which we learn.

I can not say enough good things about this school.


Sarah said...

That (school survival kit) is the neatest thing I've ever heard of... love it. You and the Kid are blessed to have found such a wonderful school.

Heather said...

Happy First day of school Jada!!! xoxo Miss you lots!!!!