Then and Now

When we picked up The Kid from school today I was watching the children play, and noticed how tiny the Kindergarten kids seemed.  I just couldn't wrap my head around The Kid having ever been that small.  I know she hasn't always been this big, but I just had to dig up the photographic evidence.

This is The Kid on her first day of Kindergarten a year ago:

You will note the baby teeth and the chubby hands and cheeks...the last remains of her toddler years.

And here she is, the first day of First Grade:

Look at all of those permanent teeth (and she has what those who love me call my "Madonna Gap")!  Maybe it's just me, but I just can not get over the difference only a year makes.

But to go even further back, here are two from when we first moved to Hawai'i:

Just a few days b/f her fourth birthday.

And w/ Wei, Z, The Guy, and our buddy Andrew outside the Koa Pancake House for her 4th Birthday Breakfast (I am pretty sure that is Z's only T-shirt)!


The years just fly by.

Malama Pono!

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