Laborious Labor Day

Whew!  We spent today doing a much needed house wide cleaning!  All five of us moved furniture, sorted clutter, bagged trash, separated recycling (to be taken to the HI5 tomorrow for some $$$) from the curbside recycling, vacuumed and a ton of other things that we have not had time to do.  Since we were all off today it was perfect.  After we made, ate and cleaned up breakfast we got to work.

Here is The Kid vacuuming under where the table goes, b/c that is where she makes the biggest mess.

She is never too busy, however, to smile for a picture!

We spent the whole day from about 1030 to 1500, and I think the results are worth it.

The kitchen, after the Guy mopped.

The dining area, w/ my Korean books and a few random odds and ends to be put away.

The living room, w/ the broken coffee table removed seems huge now.

Even Kabuki and Master Chief are pleased w/ the end results.  We still have a few odds and ends to tuck away (and not enough storage for all of our DVDs), but it feels so good to get it all finished!  The Davids used ladders to vacuum up some of the dust and webs, and the fan and AC unit were vacuumed too.  Laundry is still rolling, and dinner is marinating, but now we are looking forward to a nice evening.

The Kid and I have a few crafting projects to tackle soon, maybe tonight.  Who knows?  Some of you may be getting some mail soon!

Malama Pono!


Sarah said...

I'm glad you all had such a productive, yet fun, day!

Ouyang Dan said...

It's strange how much fun roommates as cool as ours make things like cleaning.

I recommend getting some. They are all the rage!