My Kitchen Helper

The Kid loves to help in the kitchen.  We usually set aside certain parts of cooking and cleanup just for her.  She really loves to help make breakfast on the weekends b/c we all do it together.  Today I was going to make breakfast nachos (fun w/ leftovers, recipe at bottom), and she wanted to help ("Mommy, can I hatch the eggs?" which lead to a fun explanation of farms and chickens and eggs, only to find out she meant "crack" the eggs).  We basically let her do the whole thing.  I was laughing so hard watching her "hatch" the eggs that I didn't notice that I was on the wrong side of the camera!


When she put her thumb in to pull the shell apart the egg squirted her in the face!


The Guy took over stirring momentarily to let her put the meat in the mix.

This is usually where her part ends, since I have been hesitant to let her near the stove, but I guess it is a good time to teach care and safety.  So, under our careful watch she cooked the eggs all by herself!



She must have done a great job b/c she and The Guy scarfed them right up!  She has gotten experimental w/ hot sauce, too, so feel free to add some if you try our "breakfast nachos".

Breakfast Nachos

Egg dishes are fun b/c they are endlessly creative.  You can add anything to them, and it is a fun way to snazz up leftovers.  Instead of frying stovetop you can also pour them into muffin cups and bake for a frittata like individual portion.  I like to save those in baggies to make weekday breakfast sandwiches.

You will need:

Approximately 2 eggs per person

milk (we use plain soy)

leftover taco meat (I love making taco salad b/c we always have leftover meat, which means creatively using it up!)

shredded cheese


sour cream

tortilla chips

Mix the eggs, milk, meat and some of the cheese well in a bowl.  Cook as you would any other scrambled eggs.

Separate into serving bowls, and add a generous amount of salsa w/ a dollop of sour cream (you can add more cheese if you like).  The Kid likes to mix it all together and add a little Cholula sauce.  Serve w/ chips.

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