So, I think Kid finally tired of us telling her to go get back into the shower and rewash her hair.  She hasn't yet mastered how to get your fingers to your scalp to get it clean, or how to condition the ends so they are easier to brush out.  She doesn't do a bad job, really, she just sometimes needs to get back in the shower and try it again.

So when I mentioned all us us needing to go in for trims she asked if she could cut her hair short again, like it used to be when it was really cute.  We asked her if that is what she really wanted, and told her that she had until we went to the PX to decide.  When we got there she promptly informed the nice beautician what she wanted done w/ her hair.  She even got to lie back and have her hair washed in the sink, a first for her, and something she thoroughly enjoyed.  Since she switched to showers from baths she doesn't need me to wash her hair for her any more, which is good b/c it helps her become more self sufficient.  She enjoys being able to do things for herself.

She told the stylist that she really wanted it to be cute and short enough that she could take care of it all on her own.  We were aiming for the cute cut she had in Kindergarten, but what we came away w/ is much better, and I think a little more grown up.  You can't really tell, but the back is layered just enough to give it a little bounce and for it to turn under on its own.  It is so very adorable on her, but these short cuts always are! 

We also recently decided that one night a week during The Guy's off set will be a family game night (family being a loose term, b/c we welcome other people to join us, but the point is for us to play something together).  We have been working on building up our game collection, and want to get The Kid a couple of her favorites, like Sorry! for her birthday, while we wait for the rest to arrive (we have a really fun game called Dread Pirate in our household goods, as well as Pop-o-matic Trouble, which are games she loves as well).  So we went ahead and picked up a deck of UNO cards (which is one of my favorite card games), b/c you can only play War and Go Fish so many times b/f you want to scream.  We played UNO for hours on Thursday night, since Spring Break started Friday.  She really enjoyed it, and it is also helping her learn about data (how to sort and group things in different ways, like by color or number) which is what they are studying at school.

Yesterday (Friday) we took her out to get some new clothes, b/c she refuses to stop growing.  We already had to manage new shoes for her, b/c the gym shoes she had just didn't fit anymore, and they were only about three months old.  We went back to the Dragon Hill Lodge for lunch at the Mexican Cantina there, and then to the PX.  We thought that as part of her birthday present we would let her choose some new clothes.  I can not believe how much she has grown in one year.  When she went to the Mainland from Hawai'i last summer she was wearing a 6X-7.  She came back and was wearing mostly 8s, but her school uniforms had to be 10s.  When we had to get winter clothes for leave in Iowa and Michigan, and for Korea as well, she had to have 10s, and Mediums in shirts.  Last week we noticed that a couple of pairs of her pants had her belly sticking a little over the front, so we tried on new pants.  We had to get her 12s.  We also let her pick out a shirt for each pair of pants, getting Mediums, and when we returned to our villa we discovered that we are going to have to return two of them for Larges.  Oy w/ the poodles already!  She just keeps growing!  LOL!  I also, based on the sizes she was trying on, picked out a very fun red dress for her, which has a skirt that poofs out due to the layers of netting under it.  

The PX was having a sale, so we got away pretty lucky.  Moving, and then having to live in a hotel here for almost a month and eating in restaurants three meals a day really strapped our budget at a time when we suddenly had considerably less money coming in.  We finally got our TLA reimbursement, so that was a timely blessing that we were able to use for her.  Since she refuses to stop growing.  ;)

Kid is on Spring Break this week, so on The Guy's next off-set we are going to go do some sight seeing.  We have plans to go to the Korean War Memorial, the Aquarium (w/ a subway ride!  Yay!), and possibly the zoo, since we heard it was really nice.  The Guy is going to get a tourist Passport so hopefully b/f Kid has to go the States this summer we can take a trip North to see some of the sights there.  There is a rare bird sanctuary in the DMZ, and rumor has it that the tours to Kaesong might have started up again.  Whatever we decide, you will be the first to see!


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