On Spoons and Moments...

(Picture via someecards)

The dishes are washed, the kitchen clean, the bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchen vacuumed, and another load of the never ending laundry in the combo.  There is still a mountain of clean laundry to be folded...the final touches on our NEO paperwork needing updating for the upcoming Evac Exercise...Winter clothes to be packed away for the warm seasons...and dusting...there is always dusting...

But... The Guy and I made dinner together b/f he went to work, so we all had a nice family dinner, something we try to fit in everyday by adjusting the time if we need to.  I got a nap in today, so I am not so overwhelmingly exhausted that I can't sit up and enjoy that family time.  The Guy never complains about kicking in and sharing the housework, and The Kid is always good natured about doing her part as well.  The Guy is on the last day of his set, and we have a nice weekend all together.  The weather is warming and Spring is in full bloom here on the Peninsula, and rumor has it that a picnic in the family park is on the docket.

And now, even though I am low on spoons and there is still a (less daunting) mountain of clean laundry waiting I think I can find that one last spoon somewhere to enjoy some UNO w/ The Kid when she is finished showering.  There might even be a chapter of Alice in Wonderland in the future.

There always seems to be something that needs to be done, but there always seems to be time for those moments together.  Even when I am this exhausted and this much in pain, it is good to know that.  I am so incredibly blessed.

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