Spring has Sprung!

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You can certainly tell when Spring has come to South Korea, b/c all of the gorgeous fruit trees are in bloom.  W/ the Seoul Cherry Blossom Festival right around the corner it is no surprise to me to see all of the gorgeous cherry trees in their full glory.  These are similar to the ones that my grandma has always grown in her yard (only happier, since they haven't had to battle my grandfather and his snowblower...LOL!).

We had to run errands up on the base today (and some clandestine activities, so thanks to our friend, Brandon, for occupying The Kid for us), so we had lots of opportunity for some pictures.  It really turns an Army base into a much happier place to run amok.  They are incredibly fragrant, especially the trees w/ the large cream colored flowers, which smell like cinnamon (we don't know what they are yet).

My favorite part is when the breeze blows through them making it appear as if there is a soft blush snow falling everywhere.  Kid even tried to catch the "flakes" as they swirled around her.  It is a big change from Hawai'i, having distinct seasonal markers like blossoming trees, rather than where things are always in bloom (which is gorgeous, but makes for high pollen all the time).  There was always some brightly colored "snow", from the crimson and orchid colored blooms.

Another thing that I didn't realize I missed was the smell of blooming lilac, another thing my grandmother always has in her yard.  I hate artificially scented lilac things, but the real thing is so pleasing to my nose (kind of like plumeria, which stinks in its artificial form, but the real thing is amazingly sweet and refreshing).

Hope that you are having a beautiful Spring!  For some of you, I hope it warms up (no more ice storms!)

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