Some Family Fun Time!

Kid is on Spring Break this week, and we decided to go out for this week's Family Game Night.  Kid wants to have her birthday party at the base bowling alley, but she had never been bowling before.  We thought it would be a good idea if we let her try it out b/f committing to that venue.  After we checked in and got our super cool shoes (I have secretly always wanted a pair of the red, white and blue bowling shoes for my very own) and the correct size and weight ball picked out we were off.

I like to tell people that I hate bowling, but I think I just prefer bowling w/ fun people.  I have been in years, and The Guy has only been a few times, and Kid never has been.  It seemed that we would have a nice even game.  LOL!

The Guy gave Kid a quick lesson on proper ball handling and trowing.  As light as her ball was I still almost had a heart attack at her wanting to lift if over her head.  Ha ha.  The first time she launched it down the alley it had almost no momentum, and the ball stopped about three feet from the end of the gutter!  The manager had to come rescue it from the alley so we could continue on!

After about two or three frames she finally managed to get it down close enough to the center to knock over some pins.  She was absolutely elated, and that pretty much sealed the deal for the party planning.  She is now officially a bowling fan.

We got in two games and a meal (b/c, what is bowling w/o some pizza and carbonated beverages?) b/f heading home.  I am guessing we are going to be making this a regular outing, since she was already begging to come back the next day.  If nothing else, we will definitely be the crazy people w/ about 20 kids there in a week and a half!  HA!

Until next time!  Thanks for sharing!

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