Some Random Photos

Our friend Brandon helped us out a huge heap by distracting The Kid so we could proceed w/ some clandestine operations, AKA, do some Birthday Shopping for a certain someone.  She things we were doing some boring PX shopping for household supplies, and she was more than happy to go to the parks and burn off some steam instead of coming w/ us.  Brandon, loving his awesome camera of awesomeness was happy to share the pictures he took today.

And now I am sharing them w/ you.  (Click to embiggen!)

Whirling on the tire swing, her favorite thing at the playground right now.

I like these last two, b/c it looks like she has first picked the dragon's nose...

...and is then disguted w/ what she finds.  LOL!  (OK, Brandon thought so too!  HA!)

We got all of our Birthday shopping finished, and it looks like she had a great time too!

(Thanks, Brandon!)

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Sarah said...

Her hair is SUPER cute!