The Force is Strong with This One

The Kid could hardly wait to dive head first into her Lego glory.  She and The Guy spent hours putting her new sets together this weekend.  Turned out pretty cool.

Here is the AT-TE Walker all finished and in its glory on the table.  About 20 minutes later The Kid broke the legs off, and it had to be reassembled.  LOL!

The Guy decided that Emokin Anakin was way too cool for school and a ride on the AT-TE.  This picture just doesn't do him justice at all.  You can feel his Legoland angst...HA!

There are about a nonillion little spaces for clones to hide out.

So we had a little dispute as to why Emokin Anakin was too cool to be in the AT-TE, but Ahsoka wasn't.  Still haven't solved that one...but the people aren't in there anymore since the leg incident...so we dropped it.

We call this droid "One Arm" (Kid calls him "Roger roger"), b/c he had a bit of an unfortunate incident...and natch, The Kid has no idea what happened.  HA!

We leave you now to your regularly scheduled internet surfing, as we return to our rampant nerdom.

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Sarah said...

I'm glad my husband doesn't read your blog... he'd be drooling right now!