Some Random Photos

An afternoon stroll:

We had to take a few things back to the PX (they were too small!), so we started out w/ a little fuel for the day (don't panic!  Kid's is only a chocolate creme!  No coffee!  Not even I am that nuts!).

We took a walk through Itaewon to do some "street shopping", checking out the countless vendors.  I got a great deal on something that will be mailed out as a gift, and even got to see my super smarty hubby show off his mad haggling skills.  It is pretty much expected that you will haggle w/ people in Itaewon, if not in most places here.

There are so many shops crammed into the charming and crowded streets, including this one that we drive past every day:

B/c South Korea (and I'd imagine much of the North, as well, even though I haven't seen it) is so mountainous it isn't uncommon for the streets to be "layered" for lack of a better term, meaning that you can turn off of one street and walk up a hill to another, and you can find some great things in these little "alleys".  Like the world's cutest cupcake bakery:

It's called "Life is a Cup of Cake", and I am embarrassed to say that I didn't get it at first read.  LOL!

Here are some stairs that lead b/t street levels:

(I also just liked the angle through the viewfinder in my camera).

This one I couldn't resist snapping:

I love that the streets are so quiet that you can just walk down them (also, there are no sidewalks on the inner streets).

And then here is the little hitch hiker that The Guy found on the back of my shirt:

I have a few more that I took today, but I haven't yet finished my collection of photos of Embassies and other Important People's buildings w/in walking distance from our house.  It is not a small number, so it will take a while!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

And Happy Easter!


shannon said...

Children nowadays can drink caffiene like champs!

Ouyang Dan said...
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Ouyang Dan said...

You have no idea!

I have a cousin (whom I thought was you commenting!) who used to drink coffee w/ her siblings when they were all under nine!

Steve said...

great pics sounds like you three are really enjoying yourselves!