Congratulations, Stacy!

I just finished reading the blog of my friend, Stacy, who has been fighting T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma for the last two years.  

Her latest round of tests, including a bone marrow biopsy, x-rays, scans, and blood work have come back clear.  She is off of chemo, and it seems that she is finally, after all this time and all the emotional and physical upheaval, able to start getting her life back.

Following along w/ her story all this time has made me grateful for what I have, and also, for the strange circumstances that allowed us to become friends.  Friends who share more commonalities than we originally thought, and who take time to drop friendly notes to one another when it seems the other needed it most.  We have sponsored each other in Cancer and AIDS walks, knowing the incredible amounts of energy the other must have struggled to find.  In no way do I compare what I am going through to what she has been through, rather, it was humbling to see her fight.  It helped me to know that even my worst days would be manageable, b/c if she could do it, I could.  It was incredible to see her live her life, including getting married this past October to the partner who held her though it all, and not let the cancer slow her down if she could help it.

I am proud to know her.  She is one of the strongest women I know, a fighter capable of beating anything.  And now she has.  Most importantly, I am proud to call her my friend, and for the chance to send her Samhain and Yule cards again.

Way to go, Stacy.  May the Goddess smile on you as you continue to heal.

Bright Blessings.

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