Latest in 6 year old fashion...

The Kid proudly sports the latest in fashion accessories for the 6 y/o world traveler.

The disposable face mask comes in a variety of colors and patterns to allow for coordination w/ any outfit.  Soft yet durable, it is the most stylish way to protect your lungs from the phenomena known as Huang Sa (황사, 黃沙/黃砂) or, Yellow Sand.  Regular use has been proven to not only make you cuter when you make an angry face, but also to curb coughing fits of those still recovering from major colds.

Hurry on down to your local Korean Market or Korean 7-11 to get yours today!

In all seriousness, masks are common in Korea, among people suffering from colds (as a common courtesy to others around them to help hamper the spread of germs), and as a way to protect yourself from the Huang Sa when the levels are high.  We found these for 3/1,000 SKW, which is really cheap.  Korea is dusty over all, so I wear them too when cleaning, which cuts down on the sneezing when vacuuming (which is our new hobby, since it is so dusty).  I am told this is mostly just in the Spring, and that it will calm down a little when Monsoon Season hits.  LOL.

Hope you are all doing fashionably well!

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amberjill said...

that is awesome!! she is so stinkin cute!!