Some Random Photos

We got out and about a little the other night.  My ankle is feeling a ton better, although it really isn't very good.  Probably shouldn't be walking as much as I am, but the crutches are actually harder to use.  It's a long story.  I won't bore you w/ it.

Our friend Brandon's wife visited this week.  She is finishing up her Masters' b/f joining us out here in Korea.  We went to our favorite chicken restaurant and had good food, good beer and good times.  Brandon brought his camera and took a few pictures, and sent them to me via Skype yesterday (can I shill for Skype yet, I totes love them and their phone service, chat service, and everything else.  If you aren't using, WHY NOT?).  He has a nice camera, one which is similar to the one I have a hunch I might be seeing in my future (for those keeping track, you still have 9 good shopping days left till my birthday).

It is nice to have good and fun people to hang w/ here.  It helps to cut the the feeling of being cut off from everyone we love.

That's about all for now!

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