Happy Ostara!

It's the first day of Spring!

I love Ostara, or Eostre.  It ranks right up there w/ my favorite holidays (running a close second to Beltane, as I still have hopes of celebrating it in good ol' Celtic tradition some year, by seeing the Balefires in the UK), although I may say that they are all my favorites when I write about them.  It charges me w/ a new rush of energy as the weather begins to warm (today it was about 77 degrees in Seoul!).  It feels extra good after having had both a sprained ankle and a houseful of sick bellies for over a week.  I am ready for the cleansing properties of Spring.

It feels like a great time to throw open the windows and dust and do some thorough cleaning (which shouldn't be too hard, since our house is pretty Spartan at the moment.  Korea is a really dusty place, so a good round of vacuuming and mopping should be what we need.

I chose this picture of a Spring altar b/c my own celebration tools are still en route, and it helps me feel festive.  I have written before about how I love the story of the Ostara rabbit, and how it came into legend, becoming associated w/ the Christian celebration of Easter.  When the Goddess was unable to completely heal an injured bird she turned it into a Rabbit, and it was so confused that it continued to lay eggs (which is why the Easter Bunny brings eggs).

Unlike spring time in Hawai'i, we are actually able to feel the weather warming, as opposed to just observing the date.  Ostara also means that mine and The Kid's birthday is coming up soon!  ;)  There are also some rites of Spring that I look forward to observing when The Guy gets home from work.  Tee Hee!

I hope you and yours all have a beautiful Equinox, no matter what you observe or how you choose to celebrate in your homes.  Enjoy the warming weather and may you find many blessings in this new season!

Blessed Be!

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