Well, there's good news...and bad news...

The Good News?

We know where our Household Goods are!  We have been trying to track them down for a while now!

The Bad News?

They are still in Hawai'i.


Turns out our Transfer Clerk is a total moron!

This is the same dude who said that screwed up our Overseas Screening, failing to turn it in on time even when we had it completed four months in advance.

And now, he dragged his feet and screwed up our Family Entry Approval, not getting it complete until we were off Island, and then failing to get it to the Transportation office, after assuring us that he would.  In five years of dealing w/ the military, as either Active Duty or a spouse, I have never wanted to chew out a civilian employee so much (and this dude is the SENIOR CLERK, nonetheless!).

Head, meet desk.

So, Inbound here is being extra helpful and trying to figure out how to straighten this all out for us, but since we were initially told our goods would arrive sometime in February after being picked up in December, we are now thinking they won't be here until May.


And that is the total life update right now.

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