Post 100

I have a bunch of holiday pictures and such to post, but you may have heard a little blurb or so about the power...

So, I will get to those, hopefully tonight, since we are going boating at K-Bay w/ some friends, and expect to be gone most of the day.

Everyone is fine, the island is mostly back on, and we are soaking up as much Hawai'i in our last few days as possible...

Now if it would only stop raining...

And, if you didn't notice the title...this is the 100th post.  Thanks for sharing in this adventure.

Also, please excuse any errors...I am experiencing some major pain in my arms lately and am having to wear my braces again...which makes typing a little challenging.  Lolz.

Stay tuned for more fun!

Malama Pono!

And a Belated birthday wish to Auntie Lynn!

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