Unpacking and Packing Again

We are getting things ready for our pack out in two weeks.  This entails pulling a lot of our things that are in storage right now back out of storage.  We are sorting through things to be placed into three categories:  

1) Things going w/ us to Korea.  

2) Things going into Non-Temp Storage in California.

3) Things to be given away/donated to charity.

It isn't as much stuff as we initially thought, especially since The Guy and I have downgraded my stuff considerably in the last almost two years w/ my two moves.  One thing I was excited about was finding the box that accidentally was put in out storage unit that had my books (6 of my seven Harry Potter books) and board games, and my Buffy Box Set!

So, while we are sorting things, we are now measuring time in Buffy.  It took two Buffys to make dinner, and three Buffys to sort through books/games/picture frames from storage.  One additional Buffy was spent sorting a few bags of clothing for the shelter in Ewa Beach.

It only took us Season One to finish all of the stuff we did yesterday!

On a side note, somehow we have accumulated in the household about a dozen Navy Issue Peacoats.  One fits The Kid w/ a little extra room (who in nine hells did that belong to?), and all I need to do is dry clean it and re-sew the buttons and the becket onto it (something we all learned to do at Boot anyhow, b/c those beckets will not hold it to hang it up).  Voila!  She has a winter coat!  She loves it.  After I asked her to try it on, she wouldn't take it off and went off to play in her room while wearing it.

But where on Earth did that Peacoat come from?  It's a men's too...

It almost makes up for the fact that she broke her red hand me down Crocs this week.  *grumbles*.  Since we are going to be going snow bound, I am going to replace them w/ some Chucks, which are a little more weather appropros for the time being.  I think they have them on sale at the NEX.

Off to more Buffy and packing!
I also need to think up some little goody for all of my first and second graders.  I am sure going to miss them!

Malama Pono!

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