Cooking W/ the Moderatrix

I have been meaning to do this for a while. I cook a lot in my spare time…and try to find simple things to throw together when I have time.

Tonight it was vegetable pizza.

2 cans refrigerator crescent rolls or your favorite crust, baked and cooled (this will make two small or one larger pizza).

1 lb cream cheese, softened

1 cup sour cream

either 1 pkg hidden valley ranch seasoning mix, or roasted garlic powder and dill to taste, whichever you prefer (i always just throw in whatever until i like it)

various chopped vegetables, including but not limited to cucumbers, tomatoes (seeded…b/c otherwise ewww), broccoli. I also use shredded carrots in lieu of shredded cheese, or you can actually use cheese. tonight i used minced green onions.

mix the cream cheese, sour cream and seasoning together until smooth. spread over crust, and sprinkle w/ lots of veggies.


This is in my collection of things to take for potlucks or other bring your own dish gatherings.

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