Wednesday Whedon Moment

This one is for Tobes. Actually, it’s for all of us.

I am one of those totally dorky people who becomes so invested in a TV show character that she has spent years watching grow that she will cry at certain moments in that show. This scene in the final episode of BtVS made me blub. Completely and totally w/ snot pouring down my face blub.

To me it says a lot more than a bunch of girls getting supernatural powers. It is a message that speaks beyond the pop culture and right to the heart of all women everywhere.

To you who think that Whedon isn’t a feminist, you have missed the fucking mark. You have not been paying attention. It’s called seeing past the pop culture and using your brain and seeing what the fuck he is trying to accomplish. Joss Whedon gave us the first true female heroine on television in pop culture. I know we had Wonder Woman, the bionic woman and such…but Buffy was the first girl who was like us. Whedon gave us this girl, this person who looked like us and gave her the ability to not only not lay down and cry waiting to be rescued but to kick a little ass and do the rescuing herself. Regardless of what SMG might say off camera, Buffy is a feminist icon. She was just a girl, and a force to be reckoned w/.

Ever since his work on Roseanne, Whedon has been creating women who stepped outside of what was expected and perceived. They were mouthy, they were sometimes crass and obnoxious. They were sexual beings in charge of their own lives (once they figured out how to get there). They were beautifully flawed and yet perfectly admirable.

So, w/o further ado, I give you my favorite blubworthy Buffy moment.

Here’s to the Slayer in all of us.

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